Mini One Day Event

The 2018 Mini ODE is on the 26th August and will have 3 classes the Minimus over the 1′ 6″ (50cm) course, the Triers over the 2′ (65cm) course and the Novice over an extended 2′ 6″ (80cm) course.  The 80cm course will be straight forward and an easier track than we have for the hunter trials.

This event is for everyone (children, nervous adults, baby horses and ponies) who would like to have a go but want no pressure.  The dressage tests are simple and can be read if you find it difficult to remember them while concentrating on everything else that might go wrong.  Show jumping and XC are small and straight forward but there is plenty of variety if you have a young horse that you would like to educate.




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mini ode schedule 2018